Harry and the Octopus is a smart phone game which is fun for all the family. Currently available on Android only but coming soon to the iPhone. The game revolves around Harry, a little baby boy who wants to swim in the sea. To swim in the sea Harry has to scare off all the sea creatures in the water using his water pistol. Harry hates getting wet himself and will have a tantrum if he gets squirted.



• Simple squirting fun for the whole family

• 18 stages comprising of 5 levels (90 levels total)

• 18th stage regenerates on completion so you always have a new challenge

• Colourful graphics

• Practice stage to get you used to the control


Watch an overview


The aim of the game is to squirt water at the octopuses and squids in the sea. To help you on your way Stage 1 “Bubbles” contains 5 levels of target practice on bubbles. Stage two introduces the Octopus with each level containing more. Stage 3 introduces the Squid, a faster opponent for Harry to contend with.

Target practice for Harry. Moves slowly but doesn’t fire back.


Identified by its green colour. A slow moving and slow to squirt water.


Speedy Squid
Identified by its Purple colour. Avergae moving and average to squirt water.


Harry’s Sea Monkey friends

In Stage 4 Harry’s friends the Sea Monkeys appear. This makes Harry’s task more difficult as the game will end if the Monkey is squirted.
Harry builds a Castle In Stage 7 Harry builds a sandcastle to hide behind. The sandcastle won’t last forever so speed and cunning is still required to pass each level.

Sea Monkey
People say its not normal to have a monkey in the sea. But then this is no ordinary monkey, it’s a sea monkey. ;-) Don’t squirt the Sea Monkey or your game will be over.

Clever little Harry has built a sand castle to hide behind for some levels. Be warned the sea creatures squirts will destroy the castle over time.

Harry’s New Danger

In Stage 8 more opponents for Harry are introduced. Faster Squids and Mini Octopus makes for challenging competion.

Super Speedy Squid
Identified by its bright orange colour. Extra fast movement and extra fast squirting.


Mini Octopus
Identified by being small and green. As fast as the Super Sspeedy Squid but more difficult to hit becuase of its size.


Theres more too…

Loads more too… Octopuses and Squids that appear at delayed intervals or return if the level isn’t finished quickly enough and a final stage that regenerates on completion. All making Harry and the Octopus a fun, fanatastic game for the whole family.


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